Lonely Panget.

Oct 28

When I Wake Up Still Drunk on Sunday and Want to Get Freaky with My Boyfriend…

What I think he sees:

What he really sees:

Oct 14

Yup, that’s exactly how I feel today.

Yup, that’s exactly how I feel today.

Oct 01

“My BMI’s not great… But I’m not like Precious or anything!” — Mindy Kaling

Sep 20


Sep 12


Aug 23

Trying to wake up for work on a Friday


Aug 15

When I found out about typhoon Kai-Tak...

Aug 07

“I’m not grown up at all. Grown up is the costume I wear to work, much like wearing princess clothes when really I’m a wild alcoholic baby orangutan inside.” — Me, setting my cousin straight on appearing responsible.

Aug 02

“I’ve got to go see about the one, well, one of the ones that got away.” — My pimp friend

Jul 10