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"And I remember when I met him, it was so clear that he was the only one for me. We both knew it right away. And as the years went on, things got more difficult. We were faced with more challenges. I begged him to stay, try to remember what we had in the beginning. He was charismatic, magnetic, electric and everybody knew it. When he walked in, everybody’s head turned. Everyone stood up to talk to him. He was like this hybrid, this mix of a man who couldn’t contain himself. I always got the sense that he became torn between being a good person and missing out on all of the opportunities that life could offer a man as magnificent as him. And in that way, I understood him. And I loved him. I loved him, I loved him, I loved him. And I still love him. I love him." -LDR 


My cat falls asleep in the weirdest places!

My cat falls asleep in the weirdest places!


I’ve been writing like my life depends on it. Which I realize it actually does. There is no such thing as “time off” if you’re in the search.

—Lykke Li


That friend who somehow has a prescription for everything

What can I say? A girl’s got to be ready for anything and this is clearly chieved best with medication.


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Holy fuck, Angelina Jolie is Maleficent!

I don’t think I can wait two years to see this film! Then again, My BlackBerry contract with craptastic 3 HK expires in 2014 as well. I’m dying to get rid of it so I can get an iPhone already and draw THIS when I play Draw Something. That is all.


I was so caught up being sick yesterday that I totally forgot it was Kylie Minogue’s bday! So to make up for it, here’s “All the Lovers” by Miss Minogue, from my my deathbed.


BRB, dying of TB alone with my cat.

I took that pic from here. Follow her, she’s awesome.

Anyway… I just got back from the doctor’s right across the street from work. I left the office early because I’d been feeling shitty all day. In fact, I’ve had the flu and a nasty ass cough on and off since March this year. I’m now starting to wonder if this recurring illness may have something to do with my disgusting cigarette addiction (I’ve been a regular smoker since I was 14 years-old) or if I’m just slowly dying of tuberculosis.

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At my new job, when I got my first assignment


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I’m not sure which makes me more sad, the fact that one of the top broadsheets in my home country would publish something as unfounded and sensationalist as this, or the fact that so many people are actually entertaining the story as a valid journalism. Is it just that the masses are so willing to believe anything that could possibly upgrade our current standing in global (albeit stereotyped) perception? I don’t know. I do know that it’s bullshit though.


I’m referring to this story in today’s PDI. Newspapers should be free to print whatever they want, even if it isn’t journalism — that’s free speech. People though consume newspapers in large because they want to learn small or large truths about their community, their country, and their world. A…

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Pondering the meaning of life


If I’m high:

If I’m not:

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